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Play-offs... can we do it?


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Looks like Pitman & Brown are possible for tomorrow. I thought we missed both at the Stadium of Light.

Walkes looked out of position & Hawkins was a bit isolated.

The question will be whether they are truly fit though. Do we want a 75% fit Pitman or a 95% fit Bogle (Bogle is never 100% fit!)
Tally Ho for a 75% fit Pitman is my choice. He is our natural goal scorer, and I'm sure in a match like this he'll still be a dangerous thorn in Sunderland's side.

As much as I fully appreciate Hawkins and his ability to hold the ball up and bring others into play, his goal threat is minimal, and I have a feeling this isn't the sort of game suited to him.

Brown.. yes please. He's a real asset, and someone I want in the team.

So Tally Ho it is.. 6-3.. not 5.. and onward to the Wembley final.. :thumbup::clap:


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Jeez.. a few minutes to go, and I'm as nervous as hell down here in Cornwall. I wish I was at Fratton. Mind you, if I was there I'd probably have a cardiac arrest.. ha ha..

I'm there in spirit though.. come on you Blues.. PUP PPU.. :thumbup::clap:


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When I went and they somehow beat Coventry you could see the weariness. The side had run out of steam and selections and KJ's comments show that the players were knackered. This Checkatrade thing and the F.A cup in my view were a lot of games that added to this and I for one would have not wanted them as the League is the priority. If they made Wembley I think they would have been stuffed.
Also, is this side ready for the Championship? Perhaps not yet and a struggle in the higher league would be a season of gloom.
There are about 5 or 6 players who are of that class and I hope that we can keep them for next years asssault.
They now can have a deserved rest!


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Yes.. I'd more or less go along with your assessment dedmans..

I listened to the match on Talk Sport 2 and came away with the impression we were out of ideas, and a bit jaded. David Connolly was one of the pundits, and he more or less said the same thing.

As you said.. "Also, is this side ready for the Championship? Perhaps not yet and a struggle in the higher league would be a season of gloom". So yes, its done and dusted now. League 1 again next season, and a chance to prepare even more for life in the Championship. We've given it a damn good go, and proved our worth.

I am hoping, maybe wistfully, that we can keep those better players too, and the team is improved upon and not diminished over the coming summer months.

I'm also wondering if the Eisner's are going to give KJ the funds needed for team improvement, and another assault on the Championship..
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