PL Relegation – Pick your 3 teams


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With only 14 Premier League games to go, which three teams do you think will end up relegated?

You can amend / change your choice at anytime.

As it stands my 3 are…

Swansea – seem to have imploded
Southampton – managerial change seems inevitable
Stoke City – They could stay up but...

I’ll no doubt change my mind next week.


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Has anyone noticed that (scouring my memory with out consulting the table) eight of the bottom nine teams wear stripes whereas none of the top ten teams do. The only ones that don't are Swansea.



johnkelv - 24/1/2018 10:02

Bluedub - 22/1/2018 21:58

A big shot in the arm for Swansea tonight.
I still think they will drop, they had a far bit of luck to win, but good on 'em
Most likely John but you never know, sometimes all it takes is one big win that can act as a catalyst for the rest of the season.


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^Well you may be right Blue and it's good to have a team from the Principality in the Prem, maybe Cardiff will replace them, time will tell.
With Brighton securing their Premier League status for next season i thought it only right i should bump this thread and eat some humble pie.

Have to be honest, it tastes pretty sweet given they secured it by beating them. Yum yum.