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Pirates vs. Drunken Sailors


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No Merrie, No Proctor, both huge misses in my opinion.
Hope he doesn't play Lang as one of the deeper midfielders in the way we finished the match on Saturday, we miss his energy further forward. You'd have thought Gardner could have sat in CDM and help protect the back 4, more suited to his natural mobility (not a criticism).


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Once again we are forced to shuffle the pack with both Merrie and Proctor injured.

Both will be big losses for me. Merrie gives us some steel and energy in midfield and Proctor has shown he is a good hold up player and a decent foil for Lang to feed off.

Hopefully we can take some of the energy we showed on Saturday into the game, start on the front foot and take the game to them.

Victor Moses ;)

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Terrible half, just fortunate from the 10 shots they've had they've only hit the target once. With the wind behind them second half any shot on goal will probably go in.


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Performance so far not a patch on Saturday. Maybe due to the conditions, player fatigue - who knows. But I really don’t see us winning if we continue to play like this.


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Wouldn't you think with a 60 mph wind behind you somebody might try a shot from outside the box instead of trying to get in behind and cros back into the wind?

I can see them scoring two screamers in the second half.

Victor Moses ;)

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Yeah its not easy to play within these conditions, but we could of pulled the trigger couple times, even Keanes pea roller caused their keeper to panic. Wasted opportunity having 3 shots with that behind us. Most teams struggle playing against that type of wind, could be rough 2nd half, hope not.