Peterborough (a) – Saturday 15th September 2018 | Vital Football

Peterborough (a) – Saturday 15th September 2018

Make your match predictions below on these areas for Pompey's game at London Road against Peterborough on Saturday 15th September 2018.

1) Will Pompey win, lose or draw?
2) What the match score be?

Example - Pompey to win 1-0.


Vital Reserves Team
ThIs is so tough. We will have our Irish star back, but this weekend for him could be an anticlimax after his meteoric rise to the fringe of the Irish first team followed by the disappointment of not playing against Poland. He could also be tired. With Jack likeliy to be out for one more week and thinking about all those games (apart from Oxford) where we have got away with it, my head says

Posh 2 Pompey 0
Head says a defeat, heart says a draw, which is what I think will happen. So, I'll go for a Pompey win :ROFLMAO: Going to say 2-1.

Trina will also go 2-1 Pompey.


Vital Newbie
My head says 3-0 to Peterborough if we sit back and try to just lump it upfield, but win the midfield battle and we can get a 2-1 win so thats what i'm going for though I don't think Jackett's cares much for playing through the midfield, fingers:please: crossed.:party::party:


Vital Squad Member
Couldn't get online to partake in the Posh prediction.. but all those who went for 1-2.. take a bow. What a result.. and welcome chris1954. Great to have you with us.. :thumbup:

I'm gonna party too.. :party: