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Peter Kenyon

Seriously though I hate agents and people who milk football clubs for fees it surely can't be a good thing when it becomes about brokering players.

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I understand your feelings Villan57, but with the amount of money sloshing around in football these days it seems to be becoming a trend.

Question is, do we want the same sort of success this season as the dingles had last season with Mendes doing his business? I for one must say,..... yes.


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Kenyon seemed to do OK at both MU and Chelsea. Not sure why he left either. Could be said to sail close to the wind re rules, but if you know the rules and don't actually breach them that's not a problem.

How he'd manage in a club with financial restrictions not sure.


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I have given up now. I thought Wyness was a great move - what do I know.

In the words of Doris the tea lady "What will be will be"

As for FSW. If Bruce goes, and with his situation up there. I would try and tempt him here with a promise of how we will support him build something special (and obviously a healthy salary to go with it)


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In a churning sea of oily, vain and repulsive characters trying to climb over each others backs towards the dry ground of immense personal wealth Kenyon at least seemed to do it better than most. If we have to have someone like that running the day-to-day negotiations and operations then we could do worse than hold our nose and hope the owners know WTF they are doing employing creatures like him.


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Personally I think it's about we had determined characters driving us whether it be by fair or foul means I really don't care no room for nice boys in football now.