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Passport size photo's near Aston please?


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I'm on a course in Aston, and I need to get a passport photo in the lunch break. Any one know where I can get one?

I am thinking Asda at one stop may have a photo booth. Any where else?

I am typing on my phone, sitting at the back of the class room.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Asda on the Queslett definitely does.I got my daughter`s there last week £5 for 4.
If you want to go somewhere directly and KNOW,they`ve got one...that`s the place to go.
However you could try the Tesco`s in Aston Lane or the Asda at One Stop.They might have one,but you could be wasting your time.


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I reckon Neil`s been caught pissin around on his phone and had it confiscated.
He`ll spend his whole lunch time driving round aimlessly looking for a passport photo booth,then get back late and end up with no phone and a detention.


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I wouldn't get one of Asda mate, it's a shithole. One of the church perhaps, or Aston Hall with the park in the background.


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They don't compare to my face Jim.

Got some from Tesco in Witton, thanks.

Back to pissin' around on my phone and not listening for the afternoon now.



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Another guy got caught on his phone and they threatened to throw him off the course. So I put it away then.

Thanks for your help guys.