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Parkour - Freerunnnig. WOW!


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Wow from me too!.
Love the way the first one was filmed. Some great stunts and locations in film 2.
Looks a good way to get about!


WOW Fear you are brilliant at free running dude but be careful ffs ya nutter when filming yourself will ya


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Back in the day I was tasked with suggesting functional changes to some army PT Tests to make them more 'job-specific'. I suggested using stuff similar to Parkour, it didn't really catch on at the time (what with all the other important stuff we had to do like marching up and down and standing still and shining boots and more marching and standing and that), but the next thing you know this gang of French dudes have invented a sport.

One of the guys who invented it played the bomber who Bond chases at the beginning of Casino Royale. Loads of cool stunts on a building site, he does all the fancy stuff while Bond just crashes through plasterboard walls. Great stuff. Also one of the bad guys in Die Hard 4.0 is a free-runner.

So basically what I'm saying is I could've been famous and been all in the films and on telly and that...

The Fear

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Damn, you've missed your calling in life Gazgecko! Running off walls and buildings and this and that innit!

The strength of the lads in the second clip who hold themselves up sideways on the playground frame is mind blowing!