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Sounds like a great game from the radio commentary. 1-0, 2-0, 2-1, 2-2, 2-3.

That must really sap the spirit of the Palace players. They have a great squad for the position they are in. Front 3 of Zaha, Benteke, Townsend. What wouldn't we give for that sort of investment? We saw a blossoming Van Aanholt here.

From 18th, up to 13th, into added time and back down to the bottom 3.

If only they had stuck with Pardew, that would be two relegation spots taken up.

Man Utd overran them at the end and the tactics shown by Crystal Palace just another feather in the Rafa camp with being rewarded for their attacking efforts by being kicked up the arse.

Could have went either way mind although Crystal Palace's injury list is frightening for them with only 9 games left.


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It was a good game for the neutral to watch. Man U players were bickering amongst themselves and at 2-0 seemed out of it. Poor defending for a couple of the goals. New manager bounce seems to have deserted Roy.
Palace are in the shite. Out of their 9 games left, 2 are against Chelsea away and Liverpool home with the remaining 7 against teams fighting relegation. Theyve no dead rubbers.


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I did my predictions about 4 weeks ago and had West Brom, Stoke and Southampton going down but without a huge degree of confidence in that prediction.

Saturday is huge for us, 1 wrong result against those around us being critical.

Swansea have done well to look like defying the Christmas turkey tag but they have a crazy fixture list over the end of March and start of April.

The relegation battle is where all the interest is. There will be plenty of twists and turns yet.


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Rexn -

If only they had stuck with Pardew, that would be two relegation spots taken up.
If they had stuck with Mildew Rexn, West Brom wouod probably be safe, unfortunately there are not enough Mildews to go around. I feel for Palace after that result I thought they were worth the draw but I am chuffed with the result. Two relegation spots up for grabs eh, who will it be though? Several teams like both our lots are going through a horrible run of form at the moment while others are punching above their weight. It could all change though if those teams have a bad run, the next four games for everyone will be interesting to say the least. I hope you lot beat the Saints this weekend and we manage to beat Burnley, put a bit of space between the bottom and us.


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I saw most of the game last night and I have to say Man U were really poor at times but of course battled back well to get the result. You got to feel sorry for Palace but it was the right result for us.

As a complete aside what is going on with Townsend's barnet?


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I think you mean Palace. It makes me look back and ponder some of the managers we have shared.

My prediction from about a month ago after looking at forthcoming fixtures was West Brom, Stoke and Southampton but 1 or 2 results can change everything, not just games between relegation candidates, such as ours over the next 2 but between them and teams who may have nothing to play for.

That "nothing to play for" category potentially applies to our last 7 matches, with the added bonus that they might have UEFA competitions or the FA Cup still to go for as distractions.


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Rexn - 6/3/2018 12:14

“ It makes me look back and ponder some of the managers we have shared”

Glenn Roeder, Hippo Head and Mildew, three of the worst managers ever and yet two of them are still managing Premier clubs.

For me Roeder was the worst, he got us relegated and while here his win rate was around the 30% mark. I hated Hippo Head more though.

What about you Rexn? What would your choice be?


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Roeder got us into Europe after Souness, particularly when Owen was injured and some of the better players had been sacrificed so he is my choice. Hippo came after and that was the worst football we had seen since Bill McGarry. Pardew was all mouth and ok, he got 5th place before he supposedly built his own squad but has always been a one season wonder. Thinking about it, not even that when you look at his Charlton record.

It just goes to show the death of the English manager, or maybe coma is a better word with Howe and Dyche. By my reckoning, the last 3 English managers to win anything have been McLaren, Redknapp and Royle.