(Paint Pot Trophy) Newport v Pompey


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Peterboro - 2nd L1
Swindon - 11th L1
Coventry - 18th L1
Stevenage - 23rd L1
Newport Co 9th L2
Daggers - 10th L2
Wycombe 13th L2

............. Pompey 15th L2

I'm happy with that .. could been a lot worse ... Posh Away for instance


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Jimsmithswig - 12/10/2013 18:41

Yep our Justin managed them up I believe, also 2nd bite at trying to get a ticket for their limited away allocation
What was that nickname Spurs fans gave him... ?


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What I meant by easier was, at least they could of pulled out our number first, a home tie would be easier on all.


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penton - 13/10/2013 16:45

What I meant by easier was, at least they could of pulled out our number first, a home tie would be easier on all.
yes yes yes Penton but what the nickname of Justin Edinburgh ?


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Pompey face another game on the road in the Paint Pot Trophy. The quarter final draw has seen Newport drawn as our opponents.

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The midweek win over Oxford in the Paint Pot Trophy, while not exactly inspiring for some 60-minutes, was a win nevertheless and moved us into the quarter finals...

Saturday lunchtime – ahead of our game with Plymouth – saw the draw for this made live on Soccer AM, as usual.

Again as usual it was on a regional basis draw and we have been reunited with a Pompey old boy as the draw saw us given the visit to Newport, managed by our former fullback Justin Edinburgh.

Once more, like we have with all our games in this competition so far, we have been handed an away game with the Welsh outfit.

The week beginning the 11th of November will be when this is played, but what are we thinking about this draw?

Not easy, and could have been harder I guess but could also have been worse and we must feel we have a chance to move another step closer to the regional final and then the overall final!

Lets have some views on this below please guys...


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penton - 13/10/2013 19:34

It's something to do with Edingburgh, so come on Chixy spill the haggis
He was called Musslebrough .... because it is Just-in Edinburgh ! :3:

Not really that funny but I've always seemed to remember it...

As for the game I'd fancy us against any League two side at the moment and lets not forget every game won ut some unbudgeted money into the coffers !


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Chix - 15/10/2013 09:22

As for the game I'd fancy us against any League two side at the moment and lets not forget every game won ut some unbudgeted money into the coffers !
Does every game make a profit? 5000 people, if we're lucky, at reduced prices minus the additional costs and wages.


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Tbh Welly I didn't really know .. so I looked it up ..This is what FA say about JPT ties

<i>21.1 The proceeds of all matches including replayed matches shall, after paying thereout the travelling expenses of the Visiting Club, the ground and other expenses of the match including VAT, floodlighting of the playing pitch and ancillary lighting (not to exceed £200), advertising, printing, postage, police charges, turnstile operators, stewards, contribution to first aid helpers and clearing the ground of snow, (provided in the case of the last mentioned item the Visiting Club is notified in advance of the match in question of the approximate cost) be divided as follows: -

21.1.1 45 per cent to each Club;

21.1.2 10 per cent to the Pool Account for division by the Board.</i>

So an away game costs us nothing and we might end up with 45% post expenses

A home game is the same but I would have thought there would be more expenses as we have a bigger ground ... (Just a thought)

What it doesn't say is how much of an attendance is required at what cost to 'generally' meet the costs ... but surely if it was run at a loss clubs would moan and not want to take part .. wouldn't they ?
You would think so wouldnt you?

Given the rules in place, that prevent sides being too weak too, it makes you think even more so that the returns arent that bad - not great, but not bad and worthy being involved in.


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.. and thinking about it we are only 2 games away from a regional final and therefore only four games away from Wem-ber-ley !
Not sure if I (still) 100% think it will happen but I did say at the start of the run that I thought we could return to Wembley...

Maybe we will, when you put it that way we really arent far off it?