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Oxford v NUFC


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Very entertaining game ,great goals from both sides and Atsu has to get a special mention,whoever thought of putting a clown on a football pitch deserves praise.


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It's been noticed that a supporter in the away end opened his pants and started to wank after the winner. Bloke with a white coat on, FFS why?


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Bruce is the only manager under Ashley to get to the 5th round of the FA Cup. Sheer genius, not having a striker on the bench and replacing an attacking player with a defensive one just before the equaliser. I know he played yesterday but surely Sorenson could have made the bench?

At least we had plan B, high balls for a 5'5 and a 5'8 striker against a 6'5" defender, lulling them into a false sense of security before the killer blow.

We are guaranteed a 5th game in the FA Cup which is more than we managed in reaching round 6 2006 and as many as in 2005 when we made the semi.

In normal time, Bruce's win ratio against League 1 clubs is a massive 25%.

Credit to Oxford for not rolling over when 2-0 down against a Premier League club.
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