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Outskirts of London

Anyone recommend a nice place / hotel to stay on the outskirts of London, that offers easy access to a train station and a quick train journey into London itself?

Planning on taking the girls to the Harry Potter studio tour near Watford on a Sunday in February for their birthday. Only day available is the Sunday, so thinking of driving down Friday night, checking in to a hotel on the outskirts of London, eat, sleep, then Saturday morning jump on the train/tube into London to spend the day there, then back to the hotel, then Sunday drive to Harry Potter studios.

Any ideas?


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Not in the outskirts as such, this is in North London, around 1.5miles away from Emirates Stadium. We stayed here on New Years Eve. Its called '' So Arch Aparthotel''. Its adjacent to a church.. is like an old school house/vicarage. Listed building which in the summer was turned into a hotel. There is a number of boutique style apartments with 2 floors, little kitchenette area and a bathroom. And there are some normal rooms swell. Really quirky actually, but yet really modern because its just been done out. Good thing is, its free parking there which you just don't get in London very easily. Its on the Northern Line, a 5 minute walk from Archway tube station which is only 8 minutes away from Euston station and then about 15 minutes on the tube from Central London. Its in Pemberton gardens in Upper Holloway. We really enjoyed it, it was perfect for us;

Sounds good but do I have to drive through London to get to it?

I've driven in London a few times before and absolutely hate it with a passion. That was my main reason for wanting to be on the outskirts, so I could drive to a 'base' and then get a short train/tube in to London and avoid the driving.


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this will be no help to you what so ever. But i stay in the premier inn at tower bridge whenever i go to london.

Not really what you're looking for though deano i dont think lol.


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You do but i don't think its too bad to get near the Arsenal ground. I've been in the car to Arsenal before and never found it too bad, unlike driving to central london.


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just a quick question, 9as i have just been talking to my better half about a trip to london0 By london bridge is a train station. which train station is it?
We stayed in the Novotel at Hammersmith just off the A40 which makes driving to it easy. Just a couple of minutes walk to the tube station from there.

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Decent Premier Inn in Watford, been there a few times. Other than that, no idea on outskirts, usually stay in the centre.


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The Fear - 14/1/2014 14:23

Decent Premier Inn in Watford, been there a few times. Other than that, no idea on outskirts, usually stay in the centre.
There is also a reasonable Travelodge in Watford as well.