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Our teenage years


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I have just found this


Was there anything funnier aged 15, I am still in stitches, utter class.

So lets talk teenage years and our memories

Porkys MUST be the alltime must see for a teenage boy, and if you haven't seen it, whether you are 14 or 94 - please, go and get it !


Porkys was mental lol i remember being about 9 and watching it as i had my own tv in bedroom lol

My teenage years was mental, i had some great experiances one especially involving me my mate in my car accompanied by two beautiful lesbians oh that summer in 99 will forever live in the memory tbh we were the first men they ever had aswell oh happy days ;}


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I was lucky ( I think) to be born in 1970.

That meant my childhood years were pre-computer and micro chip. I grew up playing crossfire, and evil Kneivil , but then aged 14, the Spectrum came. So I had the best of both worlds. I also think the 80's was the best era for music (and I have over 3000 tracks on my MP3 from 1940- 2012 so I am not biased) although the late 50's early 60's was good as well.

Films aged at teenagers were basically classics, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Porkys, Tom Gun and all.

Just loved it all, would go back in time without hesitation. Problem is, I still think I am 14 !!
Loved Porky's but (gulp) it was a long time ago.

I was 13 during our brilliant 1977 season and 17/18 when we won the league and European Cup so how can I remember my teen years with anything less than great nostalgia and affection .

I will say that looking back , the season spent going home and away in 1981 with my Dad , Uncle and Cousin is one of the best memories I will ever have. I was also on the playing for Warwickshire that summer as well ,so I was floating.


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My teens were the time of Brit pop, and the emergence of boybands.
I wore LA gear trainers, baggy jeans, a sweater shop sweater, a swatch watch and desperately wanted a naffnaff jacket to complete the look. I drank K cider and 20/20 and fingered literally a different girl every week, and snogged even more.
There werent many better footballers in my year at school, and that was wearing shoes and playing with a tennis ball on concete! which we did every spare second of the day.
I got ready for school with the big breakfast on telly, my favorite TV shows were baywatch (obviously), blind date, gladiators, the word, this life and a seeing good row on central weekend.
The two most important people in my life were Paul McGrath and Dwight Yorke.

I would love to go back for just a week.

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My teens were all about drinking, smoking pot and masturbating. Not much different to the rest of my life really. I'll be thirty soon and i still drink and masturbate all the time.