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Other Clubs News Discussion Thread 2


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Ah right. I don't think they were this season. Mind you they had nothing to cheers about then anyeay.
I was there a couple of sessions ago, stuck with the locals. I gladly hid it on taking my seat. Should have taken it home with me. Could send it to you for your collection.


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All centres around the sale of Hillsborough being included in the accounts for FFP. How is this any different to what we did, which as far as I was aware was passed the FFP rules. Derby must be slightly worried tonight too.


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The valuation and they also included it in their previous years accounts when it was actually 'sold' 12 months later.

I'm guessing the deduction comes in now because this goes back to a breach in 2017/18 so is already effectively 12 months late.


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Yup, no way Hillsborough was worth what they claimed in my humble - £60.

"The sale of Hillsborough Stadium for £60m and decision to include it in the financial year covering the 2017-18 campaign ensured Wednesday posted a pre-tax profit of £2.5m. Without it, they would have reported a pre-tax loss of £35.4m and that would have followed on from deficits of £9.8m and £20.8m in the previous two seasons."

But again it wasn't actually sold until 2018/19.


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Yup, you've gotta feel for SW - I still remember my last visit there, beating them in BFR's first game IIRC??

BTW just a note to say how thrilled I am to see Leeds, finally, return to the top flight - there but for the grace of god ...........


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Rangers on the road. Leading against Aberdeen. Gerard has got them playing some good football. I like the look of Aribo. Big, strong, quick and skilful.
First time I’ve seen him.