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Other Clubs News Discussion Thread 2


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Or, we could just judge where the feet are FFS and stop artificially measuring someone's armpit, nail length or testicles?
I can't be the only who thinks if they simply apply clear and obvious it'll be fine. You win some you lose some.

99% of offsides can be quickly defined from one camera angle in about 30 seconds.

It should be the feet too I agree. You gain zero advantage by having your head closer to the goal if your feet are behind your opponent. A player being faster is an advantage. Dumb as fck rule.


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Oh, you mean the clear and obvious that VAR was originally introduced for.

You silly man PMSL

Seriously though, goal line tech - the whole of the ball has to be over and if one flake of the skin isn't, it's not a goal. Fine, offside. Your foot has to have daylight with the defenders foot.

Quick, simple, stop fucking about.

JP Healy

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I’m all for a winter break, but not over Xmas. I’m not a massive fan of Xmas so taking football away would be proper depressing.

First two weeks of January for me, usually there’s shit weather anyway so standing in a freezing cold stadium a few less weeks of the year won’t go a miss.

As for the players, hope they’re relaxing and reflecting on the season, not enjoying themselves too much. Need to focus and get back into it when they land, or they may not be premier league players in 4-5 months if they don’t.
Agree Dan. Play more games in September and October midweek but Boxing day and New Year's day are sacrosanct.


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I put this in the fixture changes thread

So 2 games on Saturday 8th and 2 on Sunday 9th

Then the weekend after there is a game on Friday 14th , 2 games on Saturday 15th , 2 games on Sunday 16th and one on Monday 17th.

All so there is football to televise on both weekends. Sky made it a condition of having a winter break I believe.
It's about as much a winter break as those stupid international breaks when the regular interationals feign injury for friendlies and pull out of the squads anyway.


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I read that as well JPA. It's a great read ,dripping with sarcasm. I particularly enjoyed, " I am happy to acknowledge that it is solely because of the tireless efforts towards ground improvement made while Messrs Sullivan and Gold and Baroness Bradywere custodians of Birmingham City during a golden age in that club's history, that Saint Andrews has been designated a World Heritage Site."
Great read!


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I got banned from this site years ago. When lerner was in charge.
General krulak from nam used to post.

I had a go at the west ham owners.

They bought that club purely on the basis to sell their ground, invest in property on that land, and rent from there on.

If I was a west ham fan I would have gone mental with the selling of the ground. Their owners are total low lives. They are interested in only money and not the beautiful game of football.
Christo, is that you?