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Other Clubs News Discussion Thread 2


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Klopp doesn't buy the players, it's little to do with him. It might not be fair but that's what all my Liverpool supporting mates say. They've under invested at the back and it's biting them.
Your Liverpool mates seem devoid of reality Pangloss. Klopp has built and trained them well, but spending shitloads in the process and having fallen into the trap of overpaying on single positions, they have let their depth die a slow death.

Without Shakira in goal and overhyped former Celtic defender Madonna at the back, they are still formidable upfront, but totally buggered at the back as they let good players go to balance books.

It's where we were in some ways under Mon, he stock piled his favourites but let those go that could do a job but bought Heskey. And subsequent managers just daftly followed suit.

I really liked Klopp as a character until he pivoted to victimhood.


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Such a classless club Chelski.
I think they're doing the right thing but at the end of the day, it was a botched decision in the first place. Lampard had achieved nothing special, a play off final at Derby for god sake.

Chelsea isn't a club for on the job training given the expectations that Russian crook puts on his managers. Crazy decision to hire someone so inexperienced.

Also worth putting out there that he really wasn't helped in the summer. £200m on players not ready to deliver consistently at this level.
There are suggestions that Fat Frank fell out with Marina Granovskaia, who basically runs Chelsea on behalf of Abramovich. If true, it was probably inevitable Frank would be sacked.

I don't imagine Thomas Tuchel will last very long either - he has a track record of falling out with his superiors at Dortmund and PSG.