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Other Clubs News Discussion Thread 2


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These pundits haven't a notion.

Liverpool are playing without 4 players of their first team in some of these game. I say that because imagine if we had to play Luiz and McGinn as our CBs? You might be missing your two first choice CBs but now you've lost your engine in midfield too.

Imagine the loss of ability and desire in the centre of the part because you have to play your two CMs who set the tempo for pressing.

City lost all of their intensity too over the last season. I dont think you can sustain the levels Liverpool and City managed. Games they would have won last season they are drawing and losing. Totally unsustainable.


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He's in some sort of footballing illuminati like Big Sam, Pardew and Pulis. Some how these morons continue to get jobs.
I actually quite like him, always good for a quote. Think he's way past his best now though and is a lower league manager at best these days. Maybe Cardiff are in the shit financially and looking to get rid of players


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The mighty Wolves with a very strong team really are struggling to hold on against the equally mighty Chorley......one shot on target in 56 minutes against a National League side...:lol: