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Other Clubs News Discussion Thread 2

Plenty of knuckle draggers making merry of the fact that Dean Smith was sent off and we were losing to Citeh. Those conversations soon diminished once they lost at home again and are now perilously close to the Championship trapdoor :yes::lol:


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Doctors will do the professional thing, yes they will get pressured but a doctor is a doctor first and foremost.

I think a player with concussion misses the next game anyway?
Protocol is rest for 10 days isn't it - if that's what's agreed then simply put any player pulled for suspected concussion has to sit that time period out regardless of whether or not they were concussed.


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It would be funny if of all the teams in the league Burnley end up breaking their unbeaten home record.

I request them not to take that opportunity away from us.
Commentator earlier said "The near perfection of the last two years" about Liverpool.

And he just said "that bizarre night against Aston Villa."

See you next Tuesday.

.....I'd love it if they had to say "those TWO bizarre nights against Aston Villa"


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Liverpool have been horribly found out. They’re missing a proper striker, who can bully his way through. Sit tight, keep the lines and gaps between defenders and midfielders tight, and the likes of Mane and Salah get crowded out. Trent us having a shocking season, their only threat when that happens is Robertson.

One thing I would say is that we smashed Liverpool in a completely different way to how West Brom, Newcastle and Burnley have played them which is why we were so emphatic.