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Other Clubs News Discussion Thread 2

Pride of Lions

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Well if that condition is in the agreement he definitely wont be going there in the Summer. They'll do well to make top 8
I've seen basically the same shit from a Man U site as well. Pretty sure if he did want to go he would just wait until the Summer and look at his options.

Jack will head off to The Emirates....... but not until the coming autumn........

Captaining Villa in our away fixture with Arsenal.

muscat jag

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So Steve is having his usual moan ... "some fans have been against me from day one"...

Same at every club he's been to. Except maybe Blues.
Spot on, like listening to a broken record. Got nothing against the guy, but he just can't face up to his own shortcomings. He set out his team against Sheffield United to defend. A team that had no wins and two draws all season, there is literally no defence for that.


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Shame isn't it? He's a really nice guy, but the auto repeat interviews, surely you would start to look at yourself a little and be a bit more self aware?
My thoughts exactly I have always liked Steve Bruce since his Wigan days when we were up at Wigan thousands of us singing sit down potato head and he turned towards us waved and sat down I thought that showed sheer class.But for me he's a crisis manager someone who can plug the holes to stop the ship sinking but that's it he doesn't take chances and he has never built a team for the future but where he lets himself down he tries to rewrite the history books to prove he's a far better manager than he actually is.