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Dan Roan served him up the softest questions you could wish for. It was not a rigorous and incisive piece of journalism.....but then it was Dab Roan so it would be foolish to expect such.

At 5.30pm on BBC news channel be they are broadcasting "Harry Maguire: In his own words" - his interview with sycophant Dan Roan last week. It is 30 minutes long FFS!

The BBC really have gone down the fecking rabbit hole and become a branch of MUTV, a mouthpiece for JoMU and their propaganda effort to launder his besmirched name.

Unbelievable :shake:
Maybe there is a merit to giving the England captain an opportunity to respond to the situation - fine.

But ask the guy some more incisive questions and perhaps challenge him on some of his utterly flaccid answers ffs. Dan Roan’s approach is hardly the cutting edge of journalistic enquiry and he could just as easily submit this as part of his cv as evidence of what a good job he could do on MUTV.


Alert Team
I see the media are beside themselves that Grealish has been called up to the England squad. 🙄

.....and no surprise, Dr Marcus Rashnaldo has withdrawn from England duties. Gosh. Not like a JoMU player to do this..........🙄


Vital Youth Team
Bit of a difficult one for me, one because of Coco, and, two, I know of someone (a Blue) who is part of the media team at Harrogate.
Notts v Harrogate round two tomorrow,after the disappointment of the playoff final Notts meet Harrogate again in the FA Trophy semi final at Meadow Lane tomorrow live on YouTube
C'mon you Pies

I had a wheelbarrow,the wheel fell off
I had a wheelbarrow,the wheel fell off
I had a wheelbarrow,the wheel fell off
I had a wheelbarrow,the wheel fell off

County! County! County!