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If that fucker gets away with it then you know, once and for all time, that rag money talks. And talks big.

Well of course he will get away with it. In Australia you get 6 months auto for attacking a public service worker. However in Greece you can buy your way out of clink cause the jails are full, so I don't think money will be an issue to buy a get out of jail free card. Harry will have to put up with the banter for the rest of his career though.
Harry will appeal against sentence, perhaps I am being pedantic here but surely he should be appealing against conviction and sentence.

anyway unlike how people commenting on City, Harry is appealing and should be given the benefit of the doubt until The appeal is heard will we know and even then no matter what the verdict Harry will be declared either vindicated or a victim of injustice, whatever the outcome my advice to Harry is let’s hope JoMU don’t get a Greek side in the Champions league
Justice is swift in Greece it seems.

Be fascinating to watch how the JoMU friendly media reports this story. As Buzz predicts Saint Harry will definitely be given the benefit of the doubt. The institutional bias runs deep - he is white & plays for JoMU.....a paragon of virtue.
The media are helping to, trying to convince us that Harry was actually being kidnapped.
Harry himself did not help himself on the day in question by saying don't you know who I am, if they didn't know that why would they kidnap him, but he told them anyway.

just like Captain Mainwaring saying don't tell your name Pike!