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On this day......


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One of my favourite books is Primo Levi’s ‘If this is a man’.

A good book to read at times like this as it shows not only the evil that man is capable of but also just how much shit we can put up with too.


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Watched that earlier.

For that famous “missed sitter” by Ian Docker, have a look at the way the ball bobbled up as he tried to hit it. Lucky he made any contact at all below his knee.
They missed the Docker on Elsey (I think) tackle in those highlights.

I remember going to that game. Was it our only meaningful victory against them ?
You'll like this one, 2010, Gills 3 Leeds Utd 2. Happy days.
I was at that match with my now departed pal in the Rainham road end and with Leeds in a strong position for promotion and a decent number of fans present was somewhat surprised by the way the game proceeded.
It would appear as an outsider that Gillingham were riding high in the league and Leeds were further down the table, such was the early performance of the home side that day,
A little nerve racking towards the end but none the less a very good result for you against such an inform team.