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htfc were 2-1 up and playing well with 2 banks of 4 behind the ball...organised?
second half it was one way traffic.......all WBA.
Got in wide slots and cut back some decent ball,
WBA have some very decent wide men,bags of skill.

Missed the coach(fully booked again) over to Wba today,overslept so had to watch it on the freestream.
Still there is always next week against Millwall, i think my lad is up for it too and it will give him a first chance to wear his new Barcelona top.
Happy days.
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Backing over 3 goals and WBA to win at 13/10 has brightened up what has been a pretty depressing weekend, thanks DC...
Sadly the inability of Feyenoord to hold onto a 2 goal lead has left me almost the same as 5pm yesterday. My fault, should know better than to back a European side that can't beat an SPL team!

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Good reference many will miss

Not really sure why this thread was created
I bear the Cowleys no ill will at all, quite the opposite, but I still commented because... well, it's fun.

I watched the game as it was Sunday lunchtime and I had nothing else to do. Their new team played pretty well in the first half. During the second half, though, the result looked inevitable.

However, the one thing that does rankle is that Danny Higginbotham said during commentary that the Cowleys wanted the opportunity to test themselves at the higher level ya-da-ya-da, obviously that came from the horse's mouth, I just wish they could escape their PR straitjacket and tell the truth about the reason for their departure

That sort of greasy PR chat allied with a little too much jargon is the only little quibble I had about them during their time with the club, when they took us on the journey, paying great attention to the process and making sure every top, top player had the right minerals.

We're very respectful of Huddersfield.

Note: This is meant to be light-hearted joshing.


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IF the DC hadn't been our manager and i heard his interview today after the game (let's say he was fatboy Evans), we'd be slating him. Calling out players after only two games in charge, players not committed, "some" not up for the fight etc.

The squad may be pants (i have no idea) but blaming your squad after two games in charge is not a great place to be. Speak to the CEO, tell him but don't comment on their application and desire after two games.

Funnily when you are "with" someone, you often put up with poor behaviour (it's only XXXX) as they are one of your own.

When they move on and you see the same behaviour, you wonder how on earth that was accepted...or maybe the good times were better than the bad.

Good luck to HTFC- they are going to need it
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