Officials for Sunday


Alert Team
The Dream Team will be.......

Referee: Andre Marriner
Assistants: Scott Ledger, Richard West
Fourth official: Mike Dean


Alert Team
For City, it will be Marriner’s second appointment of the season after he had the whistle in their narrow 1-0 win over Newcastle at St. James’ Park in late December.

He has taken charge of two Liverpool games this season, their 4-1 drubbing at the hands of Spurs in October and more recently their 4-0 win away at Bournemouth in mid-December.


Vital Football Legend
At one time Bluey, you could say that the referees didn’t come into the equation but now, well now they are targeted because of the televised vision.
I think that generally they do their best.
Easy to criticise them I feel.
The game is so fast now with plenty of ‘ actors ‘ and we shouldn’t forget that.
I agree that some of them are pretty poor but some of them are pretty genuine imo
There seems to me to be no accountability Ozi, and as a result of that standards drop. There's only Atkinson now out of the current lot that I don't shudder when I hear he's reffing our games.

I don't think we've suffered as a result of incompetence this season, we've been on the right end of it as much as the wrong end, I feel.

I can't say the same for seasons past though, particularly not last season.