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'Official' Cool Brands List!

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
The official CoolBrands top 10 are:

1 Apple
2 Aston Martin
3 Rolex
4 Nike
5 Glastonbury
6 YouTube
7 Google
8 Twitter
9 Virgin Atlantic
10 Ray-Ban.


I suppose the main question is, what is cool?

I can't see anything cool about Twitter, it is pathetic! Youtube is good, but I wouldn't see it as cool? Google I would say is very helpful, but about as far from cool as I could imagine?!

Nike isn't a favoured brand of mine

Rolex I think are a bit too showy (I like Tags)

Aston Martin is the king of cool though!

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Yes, I'm probably being a tad dismissive to be honest, I should have said a bit too expensive perhaps! But some are very big, that said, a lot of watch brands do have very large models as well as the more modest sized time pieces!

You are quite right simont, I retract my previous dismissive post!!!!!


Vital Champions League
Rolex you would associate with Harry Enfields i'm considerably richer than yow character just like BMW's were once cool till the young hoodlums started driving about in them.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
But BMW's ARE the ultimate driving machine! They are just poetry in motion on the road Gator, so cool or not, they are fantastic to drive!!


Vital Champions League
The Fear - 24/9/2013 09:38

But BMW's ARE the ultimate driving machine! They are just poetry in motion on the road Gator, so cool or not, they are fantastic to drive!!
LOL J I knew that would bring a reaction and totally agree my favourite car always has been but if you walk past a black BMW parked half on the pavement with tinted windows loud music blaring out and three young lads with baseball caps turned the other way and dripping in gold what's the first thing you think you got it drug dealer.Now the same scenario with a battered old ford fiesta and what do you think,Dickheads must be a marketing nighmare for BMW.


Vital Football Legend
I don't particularly see any of these as cool. Then 'cool' is down to a person perception. I use some of them for a reason, not because they are cool.


One Bloody Number
Cool is more about the person than the brand.

Dress up a geek in all those brands above and he will still look a geek.

Where as I can make anything look cool. lol


One Bloody Number
Being part of the Apple crowd and queuing at 3 in the morning for the latest handset and posting on Facebook about a bleedin operating system is about as far removed from 'cool' as I could possibly imagine.


Vital Football Legend
It should read

Police Watches
Ray Bans
Bruce Willis DVDs
Breaking Bad watchers
Aston Villa
Twitter legend
New York

that would be the coolest mutha walking.. :65:


Vital Football Legend
I agree with Kefkat. Just taking cars as an example the coolest people I know couldnt give a shit about cars and they drive bangers or dont even drive at all.
I know two people well who drive Aston martins - and they arent particularly cool. Just loaded!

Although one of them did buy the car when shite-faced and got a bird he'd pulled (didnt even know her name and still doesnt) to decide whether to have the black or silver.

That's pretty cool.

I think it's cooler to be wearing your own style gear, even if they arent the trendy or labelled, reading your favorite paperback on the tube: than to be driving an aston martin in your armani suit with an ipad in the glove box.