Official Andy Carroll rumour/transfer thread


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You reckon we can have one giant thread with all the news in it tnmw?

I cant be arsed trawling through 34350 Carroll threads,would make everyones life easier.


I don't like the way this is shaping up
It's starting to have the look of a last day auction
I think if Liverpool go up towards 40 million
Ashley would have to let him go


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Nope, unlike some people in the north east, he knows he has been missed since he's been out injured. There is no time to get a striker guaranteed to safeguard his Prem league status, not to mention the damage that will be done to squad moral now and in the summer.

I am beginning to think Carroll's absence is a cute piece of play by some at the club.


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according to talksport 30million bid from liverpool
also played an interview with happy harry n he said as far as he new spurs never even asked about carroll nevermind any offers


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Just rumours they will if they sell Torres.

The key phrase in all this is Carroll will not be sold "in this window".

It's nailed on he's off in the summer for 35 million plus which will allow Pardew to rebuild the team.


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It wouldn't surprise me if this was a smokescreen, concocted by Llambias, just to make us gratfeul that we have not lost Carroll by the close of the window, when we should quite rightly be outraged that we have no cover in key positions.


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Why would Carroll want to go to Liverpool if the fella he is replacing wants to leave to win trophies? The only reason would be money - Carroll doesn't strike me as that kind of lad. Carroll may as well stay here.

If Chelsea are prepared to pay £50m for a striker who has sulked his way through his footie since before the World Cup, then what might a player who opposition fans and players have said has been unplayable at times this season be worth?

If Ashley continues on his present path, getting costs under control and identifying real value in the transfer market, he would have a side challenging for Europe - and reap the benefits of increased gate receipts and added tv money to boot. If there is a sign that the best players will be sold off for profit, it will stop dead in its tracks his plans to get the club on an even keel because in trying to solve problems in some areas, he will be creating further problems elsewhere.


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st-pedros-basin - 31/1/2011 09:56

hang on, didn't Redknapp say a few weeks back that e asked Pardew about Caroll and he was told directly he is not for sale?
He did, I seen the interview on TV. He said it's not happening and said the players not for sale.
Are you trying to say that Ashley has learnt his lesson and is mellowing to the fans ??

Personally i wouldn't trust the fat **** as far as i could chuck him....


Just had a text from the wife, Confirmed that Carroll is going to Liverpool, can't find owt on the net.....anyone heard owt ???


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dont get these Liverpool rumours, they just bought Suarez and made a statement saying Torres not for sale. aren't they in a shitload of debt as well?