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Goals by Raheem Sterling and Fernandinho scored in the 7-2 defeat of Stoke City feature in the BBC MotD Goal of the Month.

Voting closes at 2325hrs Sun 5th Nov

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Done. I voted for Raz too (sorry Ferny). But of course as you say, Buzz, it will all be in vain because of the 500 million plastc rags votes.
Having said that, going by some of the rag forums, it wouldn't surprise me at all if, slowly, slowly, their fanbase will start to diminish as they are starting to become very ordinary. A lot of rags are already calling for Maureen's head. Hee-hee!


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I couldn't understand how Sane's goal against Stoke was left out.

Having said that, I thought Sterling's was the best goal out of the seven.

It was a fair winner though.