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O/T The Good morning thread.


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Well the rain's returned with a vengeance. Looks like sweater & wet weather gear again for the dog walk.

For the last 3 weeks we were basking in glorious sunshine with temperatures as high as 31 degrees. As much as i love the sun it was becoming a tad tiresome by the end, so the cooler weather was a blessed relief. I was hoping for just a tad cooler, perhaps the low 20s... oh no, not on your nelly. We're getting highs now of 17 with fresh winds & blanket rain. It's either a feast or a famine over here.

Hod, 24/25 degrees is my lot. Anything hotter i can cope with if i'm off. Working in temperatures like that... not a chance. I think i'd prefer the rain & cold. I would miss the walks on the beach though lol.

Pompey Yid

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Morning all, wevva just as Walt said, though a bit blowy up here on the hill.
Just got back from my normal Friday shop, veggies etc.
Friday market rather bare, as in not many stalls.
Will tthe yellow thing appear again, here's hoping.

Hod what you trying to say with your Balmy winter?

Further info regards my oppo and his stopping of having Dialasiss treatment, just told me he is off to the QA on Monday to have all the tubes removed, he is well chuffed.
Oh Yes when he went to that rest home in Whitely, Old Knowle nut house, they stopped 50% of his meds, apparently the QA have gone ape shit over it and he has been told to restart the stopped 50%, an investigation is underway. what is it with the bloody NHS? left n right arm eh!

Walt and you other gardeners, topped up my Spuds Bags yesterday, they are growing like mad, all me other veggies are going really well, pat on back from my indoors expert Mrs PY.

Have a great weekend all, starting with the Lions beating the Boks tomorrow.

Keep safe and look after yourselves, kin and oppo's.

Pompey Yid

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Afternoon all, rain is a coming ere, getting darker.

Thought I would tell of Mrs PY and myself last night, no not lusting lol!..
It all started watching a recording I had taken about the Life n Times of Deep Purple, memories flooding back, interviews, why's and where's etc, you get my drift.
So out came a number of Dvd's of their concerts, Britain, Germany etc over the years, add our drinks, Mrs PY Spiced Rum/Lemon n Lime, me Woods Navy Rum, what a lovely evening we had reminiscing, remembering, loved it, late to bed slightly pissed, naughty by me being Mrs PY's carer, her words sod it let your hair down sometimes.

Lastly what a band, with so many great sounds.

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Morning all .
I love the concept of music and a little tipple .Pompey
Playing the old vinyl , getting a bottle out band just relaxing . Feeling smug that we have been there and done that .
Last couple of weeks I’ve connected an old IPod Touch in my car and just set it to play the entire content randomly . It’s amazing what track turns up . Absolute Beginners , David Bowie came on yesterday morning , absolutely brilliant.

We have had a good week with the Blood Pressure fiasco .
After a phone consultation ten days or so ago , the doctor took my wife off one lot of tablets and increased the dose on another one.
Then , wonder of wonders, she got a message saying she was booked in to actually go and see a doctor.
Not our normal doctor , if there is such a thing , but someone who had been drafted in to the ‘medical centre’ , to give it the name it lines to call Itself !
Anyhow , her blood pressure had begun to fall before the appointment , and by the time she got to see him , it was normal !!!

He had her blood test results from two weeks previous when the nurse there said to go to her GP urgently, and everything was ok .
This doctor was actually interested in her , gave her time to explain everything , listened to what she said and believe it or not , actually examined her. The first doctor to have done that since her first operation in November 2019.
(I’m not including the surgeons here , just her GPs)

He was well pleased with her progress and healing , amazed at the the appearance of her one scar , all the others have healed and gone , …… and her BP was Normal.
It was frighteningly high before … 190 / 91. !!!!! And she had to badger and badger them to do something about it . Unbelievable .

She has to go for more blood tests , but it just goes to show what a good moan will do . ……..I’m sure it’s not because our daughter is on a CQC panel !!

So , it’s Saturday , go and get a paper , read that and watch the Olympics, with a bit of luck ,,the plumber will be back on Monday to finish off the last bits in the bathroom.
And ….. I will have nothing to talk about on here !!!!!

maybe not ! ……… I’m sure something will raise its ugly head !

Take care all , don’t believe the rumours this thing is going away , it can still turn round and bite you on the bollocks …look after each other.
Well yeterday storm Evert dragged itself to the East of England.....petering out but still strong gusts and the odd short downpour. My garden looks like it does in autumn with loads of fallen leaves and twigs.

Today is much calmer ...good job as we are off to a garden party....all the booze you can drink and food as well for £15 per head, The proceeds heading for the pot to replace the cutter at our bowls club. I just have to contribute, it would be rude not to!

Wots all these new sports at the Olympics ..e.g .BMX.!....glad we won a gold but WTF...I am gonna enter when they introduce 'the last man standing sport' , How many pints of UK Snake Venom beer (67% proof) can you drink and still be standing at the bar!

Well done our swimmers for upping their game and winning so many medals...wot the fcuk has happened to our rowers this time? ...too much disagreement and arguments amongst the squad (get it) and too much oaring and less practising no doubt!

Well done Great Britain Ladies Football Team ..like the men in the Euros they did not let us down IT AINT COMIN HOME EITHER! 2-1 up with 5 mins to go then gift the Aussies a late equalizer in normal time. Extra time miss a penalty to avoid taking a vital 3-2 lead then immediately gift the Aussies 2 goals , before getting one back in the last 5 mins to give us all forlorn hope for the remaining 3 minutes!.....its all over now!

No disrespect but are the Olympic committe still hormone testing competitors...some of those lady Boxers and Lady Rugby players frighten the life out of me!

Anyway must go and take a lateral flow test to make sure I am ok for the garden booze up.

Have a good weekend peeps

Pompey Yid

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That sounds a great evening Pompey, Deep Purple, rum and your good lady by your side. Like your wife said, you have to let your hair once in a while, hope there was no hangover this morning.
Saw DP once with the Ritche Blackmore, Ian Gillan, Jon Lord, Roger Glover and Ian Paice line up, noisy but great
lijaboc, thanks for that, no hangovers for me, have never had one, mind Mrs PY next morning, mmmm! had a laugh, she was happy, we are thinking of a Black Sabbath or Iron Maiden night for Sunday, choices eh!

Have seen DP 4 times, and yes noisy, but what do you expect with such a talented line up.

Pompey Yid

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Morning all, cloudy n breezy down this way.

Mrs PY got a phone call and letter yesterday relating to the same thing, typical NHS, her op on her eyes, remember the one where she stays awake cos they fear knocking her out, anyway chuffed with the op being brought forward, but not happy that she still has not received the medicine prescribed by the consultant 2 or 3 weeks ago for her eye's, so loads of phoning, and finally got to the peops she needed to speak to, each and everyone blaming the other, left n bloody right hand, but still waiting for these "bombs", that's what they called em, for her eyes, Mrs PY believes its her/our crap surgery, talk about going down hill, this lot have bloody crashed.

Looking forward to the Boks v Lions war later, Jesus! there has been some stirring up, Come On You Lions.

Have a great day and as others have said keep your beedy eyes open cos it ain't gone away yet, that's if it ever does, stay safe one and all.