NUFC v Stoke Afterthoughts

Gonna do the usual write up later but before I do, an insight to something that will have been missed on all streams or highlights package.

During half time, Justin Lockwood on introducing the usual half time filler, which incidentally was some school girls from Benfield school doing a triple header of pens, volleys and headers, raised a few laughs.

He made an announcement of finding some lost property, which he then took out of his pocket.

It was a pair of trunks, he went on saying they were that small that they looked like something a diver would wear before then proceeding to find the name of the owner inside.

He read it out. SHAQIRI.


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Was bouncing against West Ham aswell, as the whole ground was.

We all know wins generate bounciness, long may it continue.


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Managed to get the last 20 minutes on some dodgy link,ended up chewing my vape & picking my guitar up the last 4 minutes.
Just back from our city,it's full of song..


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Mcnamee67 - 16/9/2017 23:06

Neppos - 16/9/2017 22:18

Missed it, was having a pint under the Leazes.
Can you pre-order your pint in the Leazes Neppos ?
You can in the Sports Bar, up above, Mac, I think. I'm in with the commoners on ground level, so have to queue and shout out etc.

Paul Kannell

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It will obviously be tougher against better opposition, but the team looks pretty balanced. As disciplined back four as I've seen for a while with Mbemba making such a difference in quality. A decent midfield with Merino pulling the strings and Haydens work rate. Atsu is a good outlet and Ritchie simply outstanding. As most of us said in the summer we need quality upfront and that's still the main weakness. That lack of cutting edge will let us down throughout the season, especially against the better teams.

The Pyrry

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Another solid performance. Should have been out of sight before half time. But another great save by Elliot ensured 3 points as opposed to just the 1 point.


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I'm pleased we are playing as a team with everyone battling. Yes, there will certainly be more sterner tests and getting a few points on the board now was a must. We may not have signed everyone who Rafa wanted but of ones deemed surplus Mbemba has proved he is worth retaining. As an aside, I hope Rafa is listening to his doctor because I didn't think he looked well in his after match interview.


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Paul Kannell - 17/9/2017 14:18

Has he ever looked healthy Mc? He's always looked like a Rioja or two away from a coronary to me.
Yes, he's certainly carrying some timber PK and a high pressure environment will add to the strain of expectation.
Rafa looks like he's lost the stone they say he has done and he was much less mobile in the dug out yesterday, sending both assistants out on regular occasions.

Aside from this, we know very little about the set back he had in his procedure apart from the mention of an infection. To me, his skin colour is slightly off so it may have been a case of sepsis.

He's up and about now so you should see an improvement in the next week or so.


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What impressed me on Sunday was just players doing there jobs well and working together. Even Joselu who had a bit of a stinker in front of goal kept working and didn't hide. Time to worry is when a striker stops getting into those positions. Plenty of pressure from the bench as well, Shelvey, Aarons, Lejeune, Gayle, never a bad thing. I would single out Elliot for particular praise. Couple of outstanding savings. Good stuff, hope they can keep it up


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Good post CTM. It took Steve McClaren 12 games to accumulate 9 points. It will be interesting to see how many points we have this season when that number of games have elapsed.


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I must confess I find it hard to write (even think) anything positive about the club since that fat bastard took over. But credit to the playing staff where credit is due.
Ive found it tough to write when everything has been said but it's even worse at present when ive fucked the ligaments in me drinking arm. Takes ten times as long to type at present. :34: