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NUFC v Southampton


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As some know, I like playing around with stats.

For what it is worth, on 6 match form tables, we are currently 3rd, only behind Leicester and Liverpool.


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Have to agree, PK.

There are maybe 5 decent managers, plus 1 or 2 with potential.

As ever, Champions League revenues provide an advantage to certain clubs.

It is rare that British managers are in the majority.

You have to seriously worry about the fees paid for some really mediocre players.


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The league is clearly shite but bizarrely that could end up being disadvantageous to Ashley.

Under the previous manager points on the board and survival was achieved with football that required matchsticks in the eyelids.

Bruce has shown a tiny bit of flair and pace can go a long way,he better start playing St Maximin at left back sharpish if he wants to stay in his bosses good books.


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Unbeaten in 7 at home (BBC match report) and the best since 2012 when Pards presided over a team that went unbeaten for 9 games at home. Those heady days when we took a punt on Demba Ba who failed a medical at Stoke because of his dodgy knee and we stepped in and got him on a 'free'. Cabaye, signed on the understanding he would be sold if the 'right' club came along with an offer. Hardly a team structure to build on.
The season we had the home record of P19 Won17 D1 L1 was a dream never to be repeated.

Paul Kannell

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You speak the truth Mc, but we’re reminiscing about Pardews days, not Robsons or Keegans, Pardews. That’s the lowering of expectations that ***** has achieved over the last 13 years, which is all that’s been achieved.


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Well according to Lineker, Bruce is an excellent manager and fans should be grateful to have such esteemed greatness in the dugout!

Didn't watch the match yesterday as I was at a Panto at the playhouse but according to the Chronicle it was another vintage performance. Reading the match thread here paints a very different picture. Not unlike Sheff Utd where the performance was shit and SDU should've been soundly beaten.

Which useless dickhead scouted Joelinton? Really? Some funny business going on with that deal because this carthorse is worse than fucking Joselu! Don't believe they paid £40m for him cos I wouldn't play him for Whitley Bay.

I do not get the Almiron love in either, he's shit! What is it now, 1 assist in 30 games and none scored? Think he will be more suited to the SPL coming from the incredibly shit MLS where all the top players go at the end of their careers for one last big money move, which they wouldn't get in Europe.
Very surprised we won that game, when we just surrender posession and hope they don't score too many, while catch them on the counter.

A very, very dangerous game to play, that fortune and good ´keeping has been on our side.

Why Bruce starts with JoeLimpedOn is a fucking mystery. Maybe he has some dodgy pictures of Bruce, and it buys his silence.


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Joelinton is appalling, how the scouts managed to find someone who would make Joselu look good amazes me. But I applaud whoever got that fat bastard to hand over his money for such a donkey. Almiron is simply not a footballer. All that said a decent run of results and now we can see what the more enlightened among us were saying all along. Saint Rafa was nothing special after all. This is a poor league.

Paul Kannell

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Just shows how invaluable strikers are, from 3rd to 20th the league is littered with poor teams, stick an expensive striker Aguero/Vardy/JoeLinton* etc in Southamptons side or Burnleys or Villas and all of a sudden they’re top 6. No coincidence when we spent big on Shearer, Sir Les and Asprilla we competed at the top. It’s a simple game, but pay for the best upfront, it covers a multitude of sins.

* fuck off


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Just propaganda to sell season tickets imho. I would be surprised if they paid 10m. The rest will be performance related, 10m when we win the champions league etc etc