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NUFC v Burnley


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Sorry forgot ask, wasn't it one of Ashley's cons after relegation that he loaned us money ?

And isn't that one of his excuses for demanding a high price for any sale ?

In which case doesn't that play into his hands if we not only believe but also promote his lies about losing money after relegation's.


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Surely your not one of those naive people who believes he's cooked the books.

They are audited by a top four firm who would be struck off if they didn't adhere to accounting standards and company law.


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My missus is a very good accountant vin,her stories about auditors although very boring reveals why the very rich have different accountants from us naive folk.

If you believe Ashley is not cooking the books fill your boots.:grinning:


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While i'm on the subject it's a pity are resident accountant prefers to produce figures about our current form rather than show why Ashley chooses to stay and lose money.:grinning:

The Owl

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If they could not find a better striker than the current mob who have barely scored a couple of goals all season between them, then they should hang their heads in shame. Absolute bull sh*t and Bruce is sounding more and more like a record player. eg we must do better in the final third, we must get more players in the box, I am aware of
situation, I am pleased with the way we played etc. etc.
I don know about we could slip into the relegation battle, we are already in it and will be out of the Cup in the week.


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There are a few different aspects that could be gone into at length.

NUFC has to have certain accounting standards that also fit in with the football authorities and Financial Fair Play. There were some things that Freddie Shepherd could not do now. As for his retail business, he has difficulty with his auditors but would lose a bucket load if he tried some of the same things at NUFC.

Something to understand about Ashley is that he doesn't draw a salary from any of his businesses. Where he gets his pocket money from is dealing, so capital growth.

As for relegations, sure he has made short term losses but in the overall context, has been able to reduce his tax bill with other enterprises.

His core loan, which has to be repaid at some stage if there is a takeover, is £111 million. The relegations involve switching money from one piggy bank to another and back again later. However, note that from the cash situations, transfer cash surpluses were generated under Hughton and Rafa, at least in the medium term since some players were sold on instalments.

As for how Ashley views his asset, TV revenues mean that the value of clubs has gone up in line with TV money. He is sitting on a potential profit of £250 million, if he plays his cards right, a hell of a lot more, if he doesn't, about half of that as things stand.

At the end of the day, he will do what suits him at the time.


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Our fans have constantly whinged on about the likes of Pardew,Carver and steve mcclaren Owl,are you sure it's Bruce that sounds like a record player.

Regardless of how many goals the strikers have scored the team have accumulated more points than other teams who have strikers that have scored more goals.

As Brucie would say........ "What do points make?


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I watched MOD we had chances but again the finishing was poor. One touch too many,get the shots away. Watford winning means we are only 5 points away from the relegation places. We are the team that at Christmas looked safe and are now on a downwards spiral. It’s frustrating and horrible to watch another relegation is possible with this team. If we do stay up we need to sell a few then reinvest sensibly,otherwise it will be more of the same. Unfortunately with Ashley at the helm it’s not realistically going to change any time soon.


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Ashley isn't scared about being relegated to the championships, essentially SDU become the Man City of the division. They maintain a PL budget, buy up all the best players to get them out of the division, it's a hell of a lot cheaper getting out of the championship than stay in the PL. How many teams have spent close to £100m in order to stay in the PL only to get relegated.

This is the reason why businessman like Mike Ashley should not be involved in football. They love the amounts of money involved in the game but do not like spending the money necessary to achieve it. Football is a hobby and should be treat as such, if you make a profit then great if not then it shouldn't matter. It's what happens on the field that should count!

Unfortunately matches now are filled with negative defensive boring tactics just purely to try and protect the investment.

The Owl

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Bruce says he could not find a forward who was better than what he had
Well what he had was a bunch of forwards with no record of goalscoring and do you seriously think Bowen would not have been a better addition. Instead we rely on Joelinton, Muto and Gayle none of whom have a proven golscoring record and Carrol who is unfit.
Sleepwalking to relegation and Cup exit.