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NUFC v Bournemouth


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Just kicking off with this one, we need to set the scene.

With all the rain, golf is off so looking for something to do on Saturday afternoon. Have the joint of grass fed Aberdeen Angus ready for my mother's birthday Sunday lunch, veggies won't take long to buy, no other major sport as far as I can see so it looks like finding a match day stream.

So we see an exciting English coach leading his team out against Brucey. A win for Bruce means he gets to overtake Richard Dinnis on the stats list, failure to do so pushes him back behind the other Steve, Ardiles and Kinnear.

Our two top scorers, Shelvey and Clark are expected to start, Bruce may even field a striker.

Newcastle will be slightly confident extending their phenomenal success to an amazing 2 wins out of 7 competitive games, or maybe not.

For those of us who do get a decent stream, it's two hours of our lives we won't get back but at least there are some decent guest beers on at the local for later in the evening and we have a pretty new barmaid too.

Enjoy the match lads.


Vital Champions League
Medium rare in the middle, my mother and daughter like the end bits, I like a bit of blood. It's the perfect shape topside to be able to please everyone.

There is an extra bonus today, after a late inspection, the golf course is now open.


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I saw some stats showing we had scored the least goals in the premiership with left footed shots while singing Dixie.

If Bruce manages to sneak another "lucky win" today that will be enough to comfort those whose real agenda appears to be not to oust Ashley but to bizarrely attack his managers.

A Bournemouth victory or a hard earned point on the other hand will have them ranting on about how bad things are in comparison to last season.

Meanwhile Ashley (remember him) will be able to jump on a private jet and enjoy a couple of rounds in southern Spain.

Let's see which team Bruce turns up with today,the flair football on show last week would be nice but I suspect it will be back to what we have been served with over the last three years.
Fancy a bit of beef now after that. May nip up the road and get a small piece to fry up and make steak baguettes for me dinner with.

Aside from that I reckon we'll see a bit of beef in the game with a red card for someone and for no reason whatsoever im going for a 2-1 home win. Almiron finally getting one in off his arse as well.