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NUFC 'Takeover' Thread


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If there are no transfers in January, Rafa is setting himself up perfectly for a breach of contract/constructive dismissal from Ashley.

I don't see any "bitch" about it, apart from Ashley being Rafa's bitch at any tribunal.


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Perhaps its time to take this thread down its clear now it was just another excuse to get through another transfer window without spending. I wonder what the excuse will be in the summer?
Bruce68 - 26/1/2018 21:12

Perhaps its time to take this thread down its clear now it was just another excuse to get through another transfer window without spending. I wonder what the excuse will be in the summer?
No need to take it down as it provides us with discussion, whether that be venting or just getting our feelings on it into the bigger domain. It's also the reason why I put the word 'takeover' in inverted commas as I believed it was going to happen then as much as I do now.

I still think Ashley's here for years to come.


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Rytoon - 27/1/2018 01:00

He's allowed to be by who?
Everyone.Media that refuse to ask the questions about his corrupt regime.Feed fans shite that is supposedly happening at the club.
His media friends that are Sky that make out he is doing things for the good of the club.When its all a pack of lies.
Fans must take responsibility as well.He is kept here by full houses every game.Would it happen anywhere else?Who knows.
Then there is the question of his free advertising.Does anybody ask him?
Who has asked him where all the money has gone over the years?
He gets an easy ride and deep down we all know it.He is a proven liar when challenged.
Why doesnt he get challenged on matters Newcastle United?
Probably the most out there rumour yet but it's in the paper tonight that Floyd Mayweather may invest in the toon.

I particularly liked the bit where it says he would sign Ronaldo to please the fans.

To think, people get paid for these stories.
Looks like the takeover shite isn't going away any time soon. Probably going to dominate our Summer along with the World Cup.


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Getting the excuses in early as to pocketing all the money at the end of the season and spending fuck all again.
Put another takeover story out there,his media friends will then say why should he spend when we are supposedly up for sale.Just like January and every window before that.


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The equation has changed a bit for Staveley now. A win tomorrow would significantly reduce the risk of NUFC not being a Premier League club next season. That gives scope to increase the bid for what is now a commercially viable club at around £300m.

What we don't know from before is how the "loan" was to be handled.

Whether it is Staveley or anyone else, Rafa staying is key to the whole thing. If Ashley stays and reverts to old tricks in the transfer market, Rafa should not renew his contract which would put more pressure on Ashley to sell at a fair price.

Looking at the squad, assuming that we sign Kenedy and Dubravka, an extra £50m or so could strengthen the squad considerably. Rafa has increased the value of some players. Trading in Mitro, Gayle and the Hoss pays for one quality striker. Elsewhere, we have to look at who we can sell for what and add £5-10m per positon. The other advantage of keeping Rafa is that he can attract out of contract players.

If there is anyone out there, and there must be a few in the oil rich world or in USA sporting franchises, this could be a perfect time to buy a football brand that has the potential to flirt around the edges of the top 6 or 7, just at the same time as the likes of Arsenal and Chelsea need serious investment and face the pinch over Champions League cash flows.

Mayweather isn't rich enough but anyone who has £500m (including squad investment) kicking around could be in for a real bargain.
Id also factor in potential of the club. Yes, it's massively hypocritical of Ashley to even want any of his fingers left in the pie once he's gone but we're looking at it from a point of view that he doesn't know what he's doing in regards to running a football club.

Id say he does know what he's doing but refuses to play by the rules. His potential price will surely have clauses in of his own for further bits of the pie.

What would be an initial asking price of £300m could so easily be heavily claused to be so much higher. We just dont know. All I know is that he needs gone as of yesterday.


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She looks like some sort of alien in that picture toony. she looked better when she was at the match or when she had that curry with fatty than she does in that picture.

Back on topic it would be great if she bought the club but i cant see the fat **** selling up once safety is secured.

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Ashley has upped the price, therefor cannot see it happening.
Cannot trust him to back Rafa.
Rafa should resign now, this club is highly unlikely to go anywhere under Ashley.
The fat man is an ostrich with his head firmly in the sand.