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Nuclear War


One Bloody Number
Reckon we'll have it this year?

Things are looking pretty dodgy with that fcuked up 12 year old making crack pot decisions in North korea like he was playing an Xbox game

They'll probably nuke Florida while I'm there.


Vital Champions League
Your trip to Disney will be safe Deano, the North Koreans don't have a rocket capable of even reaching Alaska.

Nuclear War? Not a chance, a conventional squabble along the Korean DMZ...possibly.

N.Korea don't have the technology yet to mount a nuclear warhead on a missile, and recent photographs have been analysed and found to be a load of guff.

Hope this helps cheer you up. :18:

Villan Of The North

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Pride of Lions - 29/3/2013 15:05

Mental little fuckers................
Granted, an evening out with Fear, Skeggy and Trekker is not for the feint hearted but I don't think they'd do anything really dangerous so to call them that is possibly taking things a bit far. The North Koreans on the other hand...........


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I will be alright, I will just take off my living room door, lean it against a wall and there you have a nuclear shelter.


Well i say if we all start learning Korean if they wipe the US out and become the new hard knock of the world we can all then embrace them and say ''Welcome to Britain, in Korean'' cos lets face it we couldn't fight the Argies these days unlike the 80's so countries would piss all over us without the US on our side

Just thinking smart ;}


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Trekker - 29/3/2013 15:38

Protect and survive

If anyone is visiting Cheshire anytime soon, I'd thoroughly recommend Hack Green Nuclear Bunker near Nantwich (nr Crewe).

1. It's a good day out.

2. You might get lucky and be there when war breaks out!


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North Korea have stated they have entered a state of war with South Korea.

Daft fuckers, they've been at war with s.Korea since 1950.

What an ultimate fail, their allies in China and Russia have cried out for restraint, and now this puppet influenced by crackpot military men has led them onto the path of utter destruction.