Now we wait


Vital Reserves Team
No real surprises in the list of those released but maybe more raised eyebrows in the number being offered new contracts. Adam Campbell didn't do enough and he had plenty of opportunities. Mark Yeates also didn't do enough to make me think he is the wide man we're looking for.

I'm surprised but pleased that Curtis Thompson has been offered a new deal as he never really got a look in under Nolan. I would like to see how K.N can develop him as a player.

Duffy and Hollis will no doubt be the ones to attract scepticism. Under Nolan, they did a decent job, but if we are to compete at the top end of the table, I think we'll need somebody more solid and dominant to come in.

It'll be interesting to see who accepts their offers. What does everyone else think?


Vital Reserves Team
We need 2 commanding central defenders, otherwise more of the same defensive errors.

Hewitt is a squad player at best, not a driving force.

The retained players are under contract but some of the players offered terms were part of the reason we had the 10 game losing streak. I would have expected a bigger cull if we have any ambition.
I have a feeling Nolan will use next season for consolation and possible play offs, I'm glad he has not gutted the squad. I think stead will go to America so we will need at least 1 striker probably 2 and as been said 2 center backs a left back and a central midfield play maker.

Some on mad wanted almost the whole of last seasons squad gone but I think Nolan knows it's better to build his team over 2 or 3 seasons by then hopefully we will be pushing for the championship.


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I'm actually relieved that we aren't doing a ground zero squad rebuild again.
Presuming Stead leaves , two strikers, a creative midfielder, wide left , and a centre half. I
Would love Bolla, Grant and Ameobi to re sign. I think we'll get Ameobi, Bolla will be loaned to someone next season but probably at a higher level and Grant is also capable of playing at a higher level, Bristol Rovers looking likely.