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Got my £10 ticket for the QF against Kent. Had a quick look at tickets for the England v Oz game. £55 to £75 to sit in an area of the ground that i wouldn't want to sit in for a totally meaningless game. The players should be playing for their counties, but if people are daft enough to pay these prices the meaningless money games will carry on.
My Notts season ticket is value for money (though I don't get the pensioner rate yet !) and I don't begrudge a tenner, but you could pay £75 to watch it rain nearly all day! 15 overs or less and no result - full refund. 29.5 overs or less and no result 50% back. Presumably the least you could get is a ten over per team slog and no money back!
You are bang on - of course you are LK - but I will be safely ensconced in the pavilion ( cheaper than Radcliffe Road end ) hoping to see us go 2 up against the old enemy suitably refreshed with several scoops of San Miguel.
Not really cricket weather today. Very windy, dull and overcast. Should brighten up later. Good day to win the toss, and presumably bat second. No Hales (he needs the batting practice!), but Ball has been released to play. Don't suppose Broad will play, and not sure if Gurney is fit again yet. We seem to have taken to playing with only two fast bowlers and Carter. Suppose you need 8 batsmen when ours are so inconsistent! They are all very capable, but no consistency at all. We made 500 in the last game, but still managed to lose because we were so bad in the first innings.
Weather better than expected, but one of those games where you lose the toss , you lose the game. Nigh on impossible to bat early this morning, so we were soon four down. A spirited fight back by Mullaney and Fletcher, but Kent are 190 for none !

The above was written on my phone at the match, but for some reason didn't post properly. We were well and truly whupped today!
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Quite. These are mostly new boys so they wouldn't hold themselves responsible in any case. Clocked on briefly when watching the football in time to see our bowlers (using the term loosely} getting smashed all over the field.
Enjoyed the footy even though we lost.