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Not Latics - Euros.


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Its the minority (who are bringing the govt to account ) who are shut down or not reported by the supposedly main media.
Can't agree here Zog - it's the shouty offended minorities who are getting all the attention.
It's the normally silent and sensible majority who are being shut down and ignored.
No fan of the French mass protest approach normally (it's a little lefty for me 😉) but if the gvt carry on as they are doing right now it's only a matter of time before it goes off big style IMO.
That's the trouble with free speech - people will use it - not to worry mucker the government are in the process of closing it off unless you are a minority - be reet soon and you can sleep easy
Wow, some babble mentioning both free speech & preferential treatment for minorities. All in just a couple of sentences - well done