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non bias in the bbc?


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The BBC gives too much weight to pro-immigration voices and ‘almost totally ignores’ the negative social impact of multiculturalism, a new study has claimed.

The corporation suffers from left wing ‘groupthink’ that prevents its journalists from challenging institutional bias and results in pro-immigration ‘propaganda’, according to the research published yesterday.

It was also accused of ‘downplaying’ violence by Islamists while being happy to criticise Christianity and report on the activities of other violent extremists.

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surely as its being funded by tax payers money it should be impartial?


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badger is spot on IMO. An organisation funded by taxpayers should operate itself totally without bias. Apart of course bias towards Britain as it is funded by Brits.

They should remember that when they have Colin Murray with Hansen, Lawrenson and Seedorf as pundits for England world cup matches, when the taxpaying England fans would much rather have Butcher, Wright and Beckham in the studio with Lineker.


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i have no problem with the bbc having a left wing bias (which has been going on for years) if it didnt require taxpayers money. i dont know where the influence is for the views either at the top of the corporation (links to the labour party) or the actual journalists themselves national union of journalists?

would of thought most of the men would of been able to spot the bias as it isnt exactly just the news is it? any news coming out of old trafford and victimpool and the presenters go in a wanking frenzy ...
how much time has the bbc given to the hillsborough, compared to the fire disaster of bradford? whilst ignoring why england teams were banned from playing in europe for so many years.

hope you never meant ian wright jim? as not his biggest fan, especially when hes got a chip on his shoulder bigger then harry ramsdens.


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I think every media organisation is going to have a bias. Whether it comes from the top down or the people doing the writing, it's always going to be there. There will be bias towards those who advertise with them and the articles will be tilted towards the target market of the organisation.

Most people (including myself) say they would rather have the facts and make up their own mind but the reality is that the 24 hour screaming-frenzy style news gets the ratings.

Watching the news is amazing. They play some serious jingle intro, cut to a serious man in a suit who shouts; CRISIS in Swagoboland!

Oh, no! A crisis! We'd better pay attention.

And then you realise that you don't give a shit about Swagoboland and switch over for The X Factor.

The Fear

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I would rather not fund the BBC, would rather it lives or dies on its own commercial merits. Just still think it is funny the Daily Mail talking about media bias.

And I shall add a LOL to just add to my hilarity quota!


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badge73 - 29/5/2013 15:31
hope you never meant ian wright jim? as not his biggest fan, especially when hes got a chip on his shoulder bigger then harry ramsdens.
Yep the very same. I know what youre saying about arrogance, but he was a striker (and a bloody good one) afterall, it tends to be part of the package.

Also, and most importantly he was one of the proudest England players of my lifetime: and I quote ''That’s all you want — to play for England, heart-on-sleeves stuff, go out there, tin hats and everything, go out and make the country proud.''

Seeing as the report starts with:-

"Like its chairman, I think the BBC should be biased. As Lord Patten declared at his pre-appointment hearing at the House of Commons, ‘I think it should be biased in favour of tolerant, civilised pluralism.’ Most of us, I believe, would concur with that."

ou have to wonder how unbiased the report is!!!!


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depends really when you have the old director general coming out with ...

He said: ‘The BBC doesn’t always get it right. I think there are some areas, immigration, business and Europe where the BBC has historically been rather weak and rather nervous about letting that entire debate happen.

you only have to watch the political shows to see nick robinson bias, i dont know why he dont walk around singing keep the red flag flying!


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at least you have a choice with the mail to actually buy or read fear, not like the beeb where you have to pay towards like it or not.

must agree jim, would of been chuffed to bits to see wright at villa park in the claret and blue, but just hated it when he started claiming red nose peter was a racist etc and made a meal of things.


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badge73 - 29/5/2013 16:31

i have no problem with the bbc having a left wing bias (which has been going on for years) if it didnt require taxpayers money.

BBC ... left wing bias .... :19:

You should read some of Philo and Berry's work. Enlighten yourself, please.



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if anyone says anything bad about immigration they're "racist" this is the problem in politics and the media and the BBC especially doesn't want to appear racist because it funded by the tax payer.


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Because it's so easy to get into this country right now, isn't it? We are just such a soft touch, aren't we? That's what I hear on the Beeb constantly.
The BBC isn't funded by the taxpayer - well the licence - their commercial enterprises and sell ons eclipse - the last time I looked - what they tax from each of us then coupled by what the taxpayer generally uys in terms of magazines, DVD's and toys etc.

It's a bigger con than VAT.


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£3,606.3 million in licence fees collected from householders;
£222 million from BBC Commercial Businesses;
£279.4 million from government grants;
£271.9 million from other income, such as providing content to overseas broadcasters and concert ticket sales

not bad reading here though