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Nobody Likes Us At The Moment


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After the Peterborough Chairman had his say about how the vote should go regarding carrying on/ending the League One season (and now appears to have blocked every Rotherham United fan off his Twitter account) Joey Barton has had his say today.

The Fleetwood Manager told Sky Sports today that he thinks 'Rotherham will have won the lottery if the season is curtailed.

Barton said, 'I'd prefer to finish the campaign, we've been quite vocal about that from the start. We believe we could have got (one of) the (automatic promotion places), I think we'd had one defeat in seventeen, unbeaten in twelve and been away to every side who had a chance of winning the league.

'We're disappointed in this but we will get a chance with a play-off situation and I do feel sorry for Sunderland - I never thought I'd say that - but I do feel sorry for them, I feel a bit aggrieved for Gillingham, Doncaster and even Ipswich probably because they all would have had a legitimate shot at a play-off place. Peterborough, who are a very good side, it looks like if they do a points system they will miss out (along with Sunderland) and Wycombe will jump in with Oxford, Portsmouth and ourselves.

'Hopefully we do that and there are going to be winners and losers in this. I think Tranmere will be aggrieved going into League Two next season, Sunderland, Peterborough and a few other sides will be aggrieved and the winners will probably be Wycombe in that scenario, getting in (to the play-off places) and Rotherham have won the lottery getting second because I think they had six of the top 10 to play in the last period.'


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no one has ever liked us Caz but that's fine by me I do not like any other football club apart for the Millers, some i dislike a lot more than others, and a few i dislike really a lot.
All the shouting any bullying from the so called bigger clubs is all in their own self interest. which you can understand but to vote to continue the season is a vote to put some of the smaller clubs out of business and surely this is wrong.
A few club are trying to say we do not deserve to go up but we are second after 35 games and our record against the higher placed clubs is really good.
Drawing 1-1 at Sunderland, winning 2-0 at Ipswich.
4-3 over both games against Oxford
5-2 over both games against Posh
3-0 at Gillingham
so if we go up after 35 games or 44 i really do not care and i care even less what the other clubs think.



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Donny, Pompey, Wycombe, Sunderland and Fleetwood from the top teams left to play. Well, and I know that I'm slightly (ha-ha) biased, but I can't see us losing to any of those teams.
Joey Barton should keep his big gob shut. We all know that it's just sour grapes he's spouting, and no-one is surprised at that because that's what he's all about.
We've heard all the stupid comments coming out of Peterborough (and that was also expected from that club), and now it's Fleetwood's turn. Well they've all had their chance to be in Rotherham's position in the league, but they just didn't measure up and now they're moaning and spitting their dummies out .... tough, live with it, we're better than you and you don't like it.
On a personal note, I would be quite happy to play out the remaining fixtures because there isn't a team that's better than us in league one, and I believe that the rest will have done us the world of good and after a poor result against Dale I reckon that we would have got the bandwagon back on track, and who knows, we could still win the league. :toot:


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What’ new??
Even refs don't seem to like us!

Surely health comes first. Is it safe to finish the season even behind closed doors?
Secondly survival - quite a number of clubs can’t afford to play the remaining games without matchday income. Do these clubs who want to finish the season really want be responsible for clubs folding? That would mean the number of games played next season would then be considerably less resulting in reduced income for all.

As for Joey Barton - he has no right to criticise anyone - he is not a fit person to be involved in football and he has no concept of doing what’s right!


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I believe the clubs who want us to finish the season are the 'richer' clubs in League One. I don't know how some of the poorer (in £££'s) clubs are going to survive having to put on football games without fans. If we go ahead and finish this season I think it will be just a case of proving it's a 'rich man's' game. And what a shame that would be.

As for Joey Barton, Sixpence, I put this up really for you as I know you, like me, love him to bits ......... not!

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I don't think there are many fans who actually like Barton, he's just an arrogant loud mouthed prat. He's continued his bullying attitude into management. Just as he used to be a bully on the pitch, he's now a bully off it. It's all he knows. Sad really. :Fingers: :punch:


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When we were 'looking' for a manager at one point (forget when), Nez, I heard his name bandied about and I really thought if he came I would have to terminate by relationship with Rotherham United. Though, I doubt very much that Tony Stewart would have even given his name a first glance never mind a second.


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We would have had to organise a campaign, Caz!

I have lost count of how many ‘criminal’ incidents he has been involved in throughout his life. I firmly believe in people being given a second chance but he has had at least 7or 8 (that we know of)!
He just doesn’t have any regard for the law or morality. A thoroughly despicable man! (IMO of course!)