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Noble Out for Up to 6 weeks


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With Noble out of the picture for a while, our goal threat diminishes even further. Lets hope Money can bring in an attacking player sooner rather than later.

Old Poolie

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It is a shame about Noble but it will give others, Featherstone or McLaughlin, a chance to show their worth. Might also demonstrate to those who have been critical of Noble recently just how valuable to the team he is!
Whatever happens in midfield to accommodate Nobles absence, if we are not to be dragged into the relegation battle at seasons end then further recruits are essential.

Old Poolie

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Both too similar, can't play them both in the same midfield.
Yesterday's game showed, more than ever, the need for reinforcements. A failure to strengthen prior to next Saturdays game will surely imply that we are on our "uppers" again and are having to make do with the depleted squad currently available!