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Next season - will you renew your S/T?

Yep , I will be renewing.

It’s been pretty pants this year but that’s the Gills for you. I think we will go down this year and then two years in League 2 before we come back up again with average crowds of 5500.

I would imagine for most of us it's not just about the football it's about socializing with ya mates who you dont see all the time ,And as I've been going since 1974 I'm probably not gonna stop now although I dont think I'll bother with the early bird unless it's exactly the same price or lower .


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What if fans turned up and roared the team on from the kick off, could work, at least we would enjoy ourselves. Its not a dream, its what we used to do.
Yes, I will be renewing it's in my blood !! at 56yrs , nearly all my football watched has been in the lower leagues. We can only dream of playing the likes of Man UTD , Liverpool every week


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Don't you realise that it must be the disgruntled, unloyal fans that don't turn up who are the ones that start the pathetic roar by copying what they watch on the TV.


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I haven't got a season ticket, as I use to have to work every other Saturday, but I do now go to every game. But 2 of the 4 mates I go with are so pissed off with the continual bad performances, that I have to ring them up and try to encourage them to come to the next game. Having persuaded both of them to come to the Barnsley game, on the basis that it's got to be better than the 3-0 Walsall defeat, plus we always play better against the better teams, they've both had enough for now and will not be going to the upcoming Scunthorpe match. It's just to upsetting and painful to see your team beaten continually. It's not as if it's just the away team sneaking a lucky break away goal to win 1-0, we're losing games by 2 or 3 regularly now. I'll still go, but I can understand why fans refuse to go at the moment until performances improve.


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I have respect for those that will renew their ST & continue to watch us week in, week out. However, I will probably go to around 10-15 home games next season and pick and choose them whatever league we are in.

The fact ST numbers are down to 2,200 should be concerning though, we really do need a change in direction at our club. Until then I don't think we'll get many of the casual supporters back on board.

And until has a go at casual/plastic Gills fans I think we need all the support we can get in our position.


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As an exile, a season ticket isn't an option for me. But I can honestly say I probably wouldn't renew - it's simply too bloody miserable. That's why this season I've seen fewer games than for many years - but I've still had to endure 0-3 at Rochdale and 1-3 at home v Doncaster.

We've been on a downward spiral for several seasons and I struggle to enjoy watching us at present. We are very very poor. This from someone who's been a fan since the early 70s. Yes, we've had dark times before. But so many other teams have progressed while we haven't. Very sad.


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I don't understand what the matter with you lot of fickle fans is. It is only just over a month since we beat 17th placed Cardiff City of the Premiership and you are all wanting to commit suicide!
Not quite suicide but 9 home defeats already says it all. Shit being served up and fans voting with their feet. Doubt we will see a home gate above 5k for the rest of the season apart from Charlton who will max out their allocation.