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Mark Hughes has become available!

My guess is that it will be Alun Armstrong from Blyth Spartans - not based on anything other than his record to date and likelihood the he would be willing to accept working with DoF and current backroom staff.

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Paper talk would suggest that the new manager will be appointed this week, and whilst whoever it is so long as they win games is of no concern, I do hope that the appointee is an enthusiastic younger manager , of a similar ilk to Chris Turner when he was first appointed by IOR!

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Confirmed on official website - Richard Money appointed as manager. Hopefully, he can replicate the success he had at Cambridge, Walsall and elsewhere.
Welcome to Pools Richard and good luck.


Vital Squad Member
Exactly what we've been needing in my opinion, but remains to be seen whether he can make the proverbial silk purse.

On an 18 month contract according to the mail, he'll need all of that time and maybe more but he will get it right. Hopefully he has been watching with interest as we floundered and already has a vision of what we need to be doing.

He's not the Messiah but he is a very experienced, qualified and somewhat successful manager at the levels we are currently and where we aspire to be playing our football.
[my] Jury is still out on his backroom staff, but the managerial appointment, from here, will hopefully be reminiscent of the Danny Wilson era. You can keep your John Hughes' and your Mick Wadsworths It's all about the Money Money Money.