Next Few Games


Vital Reserves Team
New manager is walking into a run of games. where we could easily lose 4 or 5 games on the trot.

Then the fickle fans will start saying another bad appointment , we need to give this guy a chance, but i have a sneaky feeling that the fans want an instant turn around, simply not going to happen in my opinion. I think the pressure is going to mount over the next few months


Vital Champions League
The pressure is on from day 1 so lets hope he can have some sort of turnaround. 11 against 11 for 90 minutes will be a start.

Tiny T

Vital Football Legend
I think most of us realised without Chris Woods goals we would struggle and were we are is about right with the lack of quality proven Championship players if we reach the playoffs this season it will be a bonus the corrext players brought in this summer to add to the small amount of quality we have will be vital otherwise P H is trying to paddle upstream without a set of oars