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Newcastle United - New owners?

The morning papers talk about a £500m war chest for Newcastle United - I am all for Newcastle spending £500m on players, as long as they get as much stick for doing so as City have had over the years.

And as much scrutiny as City under FFP, but if they do scrap FFP then I am all for it.



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It'll be interesting to see what happens. The demise of the north east football clubs has been sad to see and I hope things get better in that region.
The point you make about FFP is spot on.

The UEFA FFP has been relaxed in that if you want to invest there's opportunity to do so, you have to show a business plan to UEFA which they have to sign off on. (This was done so the old G14 clubs like Milan and Inter could spend their way back to the top again.)

However that won't apply to Newcastle unless they qualify for European competition, there is though the domestic FFP to worry about too, I don't think any such relaxing of the rules has been brought in there.