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New strip for 21/22 season


Vital 1st Team Regular
Awful . To think, some fucker's been paid to design that. Why not just run a competition for supporters to design it ? Couldn't be any worse than that shitfest .


Vital 1st Team Regular
I haven't seen what the quality is like, and that sponsor has an awful logo, putting aside the ethics of advertising a betting firm across my chest. But get rid of the sponsor, I like it. About time we had something a bit different. I still won't buy it, but it's not a bad effort imo.


Vital Champions League
Whilst Ashley is obviously not part of the design team, irrespective of who the brand is, as we all know, he has the final say on everything. Therefore, one could assume that he’s seen this and thought it was the bee’s knees and signed off on it.


Vital Reserves Team
Yeah, billionaire retailer and football club owner has signed off on a product he thinks will sell. Just as Britain's greatest ever tennis player, 3 time Slam and double Olympic champion, is happy for his Collection to be produced by the same supplier.

The design of the stripes is subjective, some hated the "barcode" design, some thought it iconic. Each to their own.

What's amusing is you playing the victim and saying certain posters disagree with anything you say just because it's you.

Have you ever liked a strip since 2007? Or do you hate on everything because Big Bad Mike is still the owner, no matter what?

I think that irony may have been lost on you 😅