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New sponsor announced


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I reckon it was 76/77 , pretty sure the No.4 is Leighton Phillips and of course there is Andy Gray and John Deehan . John Robson is in the background as well
Yeah could be, my grandad took me , nr 11 bus, we sat in the upper of the brand spanking new North Stand, the sides weren't on , it was like a wind tunnel up there

The Fear

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Fair enough. I have just removed the photo and several more in the Memory Lane thread.

I will now completely refrain from posting any more photos etc.
other way around it is to link to where you see them maybe.

It is a worry, I know from running this network for 15 years, you go along quite happily for a while, then boom... they can be very litigious, even had a run in with one or two over the years from images we've bought for the network and (when we used to have them) fully licensed. Just because we'd cropped them to fit.


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I have purchased over the years numerous villa photos taken by the evening mail from the 80's era . How do I stand with posting images of these ? Not saying I'm going to just wondered legally


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You'd have to check the small print on the deal agreed mate.

At a guess, there would be a line precluding you from republishing in any way (especially commercially related) and I'd imagine there would be a line that stated you didn't 'own' the photo or share in the copyright despite buying it - you just simply brought a copy of the original print for a private collection.

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Everton have released their new kit with the sponsor on it, seems pretty inoffensive.

I suppose it will be next Christmas before there's even a leaked image of whatever we'll be wearing the Championship next season.