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New signing today


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Striker from Northampton Town! I knew they had offered him a new contract! Im not too far from Northampton so had seen a Chronicle report in the press!


Vital Reserves Team
Striker from Northampton. Any good?
His record suggests not. 26 goals in last 5 seasons playing for York, Notts County, Morecambe and Northampton. Is that REALLY the best we can do? I'll give anyone a chance, but that is one uninspiring signing.

The Eaves comparison is valid though. Here's hoping...


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Happy to trust Evans on this one. The fact that Northampton tried to re-sign him and we got him is a more positive sign as we can clearly outgone others in the division. Augers well, so more of the same, please.


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I’m more than happy to give anyone a fair crack of the whip when they are in a Gills shirt.
Who knows, we could have another Tom Eaves on our hands who just clicks with the team.


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The general opinion from the Northampton Town forum/ facebook was he didn’t score many goals, but was vital to the way Keith Curle wanted to play! The fact they wanted him to stay on a new deal and he has decided to join a club with fuck all money says a lot about the person as well as the player!