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New manager in already


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Good luck Paul.
By Heck you'll need it!
He did get a couple of performances out of the players at the end of the disaster season.
Maybe , with less pressure on them now, he can get similar, but consistently, out of them again.

There's less pressure on him too- the increasingly lowered expectations from boardroom to taproom echo like tumbleweed throughout the club and it's fanbase


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McCall no2 not such a bad thing as he also knows the club and how it works but his record as no1 was poor let’s hope being an assistant suits him better but this screams it’s all we can afford so forget January it’s not happening

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Club statement Slav has left hecky in till 2025

Macca back at BDBL, hopefully he'll be a better assistant than he has been a manager. Oh well it'll be interesting to see how the crowd reacts on Sunday. I suppose we'll be able to tell what Hecky says in his interviews,but i'm a bit surprised at this news but a lot of fans were starting to turn against the manager/club.How long before we hear the Hecky out he's out of his depth comments? Another surprise is the length of the contract 2025,but of course that dunt mean he'll be here then or even next season. UTB
That's some contract, seems strange and way to long.
Seems obvious the owner/board expect any manager to get more out of this squad and I can't argue with that. Making more use out of the academy seems to be in their thinking hopefully there are some can make the step up. I don't see any signings in Jan and probably little incoming in the summer. Look forward to Jan to see if we have a fire sale that will indicate where we are financially.


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Surprised at the length of contract tbh been better a couple of yrs at most with option to extend is a better cheaper option if things don’t work out.
love the statement months of strategic planning :lol: