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new laws, new rights?


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Families should record conversations with tradesmen on their mobile phones to ensure they stick to their word, a minister said yesterday.

Jo Swinson said new laws would allow customers to enforce verbal agreements struck with everyone from builders to hairdressers.

Unveiling a consumer bill of rights, she said openly recording a conversation would make it easier to resolve disagreements with rogue traders that can end with court deadlock.

‘Information from the person giving the service in advance of signing up to it, even if that information is verbal, will effectively be seen as part of the contract,’ she added.

‘It could be anyone providing a service, such as a photographer, hairdresser or a tradesman.

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i have no problem with this until i think about it a bit more, i mean how many times has a government agency or council dept basically lied never mind the actual politicians ...

every time i have told them im gonna record the conversations the cries of you cant due to the data protection act etc.
A verbal contract has always been legally binding, the problem has been proving it. Interestingly I don't think recording conversations has ever been a problem either, as long as it's your conversation, you are not allowed to record a 3rd party conversation unless permission is given. For example, when you ring a call centre and hear a message saying that calls may be recorded, by continuing the call you are giving permission.

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It's easy to say "oh just record a conversation with a tradesman" for instance, but just how many will agree with that. In theory it's a good idea, but in practice, I don't think it will have much impact.