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New Kit ??


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I don't know if supporters still buy replica tops in the same quantity as 20 - 30 years ago? I would doubt there would be many to queue up at midnight outside the club shop to be the first one's to purchase a top. When Freddie S bragged about having replica tops made in Tunisia for £4 and the profit to be made at the supporters expense an awful lot twigged on.
Regardless of the rights or wrongs of adults wearing replica tops, you just don't see anywhere near the number of shirts worn away from match day than you once did.

It's as if people are embarrassed of letting slip their allegiance instead of being proud of it.


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Aye,the pride of wearing the black & white stripes has gone.
Sullied & meaningless.
Still get the odd zombie walking round with the wonga top tho just to remind us how toxic it's become,clinging on to their daily mail as a gentle reminder,walking dead.


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They've really pulled out all of the stops with creativity and inspiration this time, mind.

"Here's some old, spare deckchair material. Just slap some billy stampers on and the crowd will go wild."