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New Fixtures


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At least after the first 5 games, there is a chance to get a confidence boosting run.

Amazing to think that you can avoid the top 6 from 6th October until Boxing Day then after 2nd Feb we only see 2 of the top 6 in the last13 games.
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Fancy the Spuds first game being away when their new stadium isn’t finished. Anyone would be forgiven for thinking it was done deliberately

The Pyrry

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without the major players we have leaving in the close season, i fancy our chances against spurs (based on hoping their players are tired and not fullly rested after the world cup exploits).

If Rafa is still here i am sure he will have the players geed up after last seasons game against them.


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A relegation fight right from the off. Looks like we need to sell before we buy and are arguing about an extra 500k for Sels when we've just banked over more than a 100m from the PL. A smaller minded club you are unlikely to find.


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I think it will be same as last season,the poorer teams with poorer managers will not be good enough against the well drilled defensive set up Benitez provides.

If he manages to land a quality striker or two expect more points from the slightly better teams on the break,something Joselu and co were not good enough at last time round.

The Owl

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Got to play the top sides sometime so why not early on before they have settled into a winning format.
We need some positive moves on the transfer front in the very near future.

Harry's Boy

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This could work to Newcastle's advantage. The World Cup has an effect on the stars of the Premier League. If they've done well, then even the PL is a bit less. If they've done poorly, then the egos take a battering. I don't imagine FC will be loosening the wallet to buy the tournament's top scorer and recruitment will be inside the usual constraints. So we'll be starting with much the same. Benitez has them well drilled and they'll be fit. Could be a bonus.


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Well at least there’s only one game between 22nd of September and Boxing Day that that the club should lose. Anything less than 36 points in that period will show that the club hasn’t invested the money that has been given on a plate (again).